Pantheon of Heroes

Harvest Festival

First Adventure

The Gunslinger, Bozzok, and Miss Kaijutsu attended the Starbreach harvest festival, where goblins suddenly broke up the festivities.

The players routed several waves of goblins only to be set upon by a shadowy figure who pulled goblin shadows from the fallen.

Ms. Kaijutsu put them to sleep before they could harm the players too much, and they saved the town! Jazrath Tellann was particularly happy, as well as Jenna Alewife and her family. She offered them a place to stay for the remainder of their time during the festival, while the town offered them a fine shirt of chain links and a bag full of gemstones.


A young boy mentions that the monster under his bed is a shadow monster.

The Gunslinger is convinced by Shayliss to sleep with her, and gets caught by her father. He convinces him that he is in love with her, and he is disappointed in her and disowns her, but doesn’t disgrace the gunslinger.

Ms. Kaijutsu resolves to learn more about the shadow monsters in the Starbreach library.


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