Johnathan Carver



Johnathan Carver was a man who enjoyed carving. He was an artist with his knives making beautiful and realistic carvings and wood workings all over the city. He was specifically gifted in capturing the likenesses of swans, doves, and swallows, which can be seen adorning many of the structures in Starbreach.

But his passion was his outlet for abuse he felt at home. His wife was cold, distant, and vindictive. His mother led him to believe it all his fault. For years he faced verbal and phyiscal abuse. The years took its toll, and Carver reached his breaking point. Coldly and calmly, he carved his mother into tiny pieces and placed them in his statues, and did the very same with his wife.

After he discovered his power with a knife and human canvas, he decided he liked it very much, and began to employ his talents on a regular basis. He killed several people throughout the city, including Arthur Tavish of Two Knight Brewery fame and Theresa Fisher, the previous Sheriff and the current Sheriff’s mother.

Finally, he was stopped. He was caught by Sheriff Fisher. His house was burned to the ground, and his body was sealed inside the Starbreach Catacombs without proper burial, left to eternal limbo for all time.

Johnathan Carver

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