Starbreach Settlement, a New Beginning

Starbreach is a settlement founded in the name of the Allerian Republic as part of joint efforts of the Jian Empire Reclaimers and the Stalwart League to reclaim Old Alleria.



Starbreach is a cliffside city sloping upward from its base in Starbreach Bay. Two rivers extend outward from the sea into Old Alleria, while the city itself climbs upwards to the pinnacle where the old fort rests.

It has a temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers.

Old Allerian Architecture

Starbreach is actually built into and on top of the ruins of an Old Allerian city. Numerous buildings and ruins have been incorporated into the structure of the new settlement, giving an old world feel. The ruins of an ancient fortress stand atop the cliff that the city was built on. Remains of the old world are curiosities which scholars study to this day.


Starbreach was founded by three families of craftsman of Colloseus, and brought jobs to about a thousand citizens. It has a population of 1200, a low unemployment rate, and has caused numerous farmsteads and expansion into the Old Allerian forest for miles. It has five taverns, a famous theatre, a brand new temple, the most famous adventuring academy, and even a relic clock tower from old world Alleria. It is a cosmopolitan city in the guise of a new town.

Three Founding Families

The Allesino family is the most powerful in Starbreach. They control the lumber interests for the two major exports of Starbreach- Paper and ships. Many families are employed by them. Mayor Kalla Allesino is the sister in law of Antonia Allesino. Antonia is also the most devious player of political schemes and games in Starbreach. She is ruthless and will stop at little to nothing in order to get what she wants.

The Tellann family is famed for its skill in crafting the finest sailing vessels in Alleria. Starbreach allows them plenty of resources and space in The Bay of Five Stars in order to construct their vessels cheaply and efficiently. They pay for the Knights of the Silver Star, a disciplined military Allerian company which protects the surrounding area of Starbreach. Many in the town are shipbuilders employed in their docks. Jazrath Tellann is the head of Starbreach shipping, and also the patriarch of the family in Starbreach. He is a man of moderate temper, easygoing in public, but this fa├žade hides a poor temper with his daughters and his wife.

The Kaijutsu clan are makers of fine paper products, including books, newspaper, lanterns, kites, animated and magical paper constructs, and art. They are a Jiani family heavily invested in Allerian business interests, and brought over ancient techniques in papercraft for sale in Alleria. Kaijutsu Shiori is the head of the clan and Papermaster of Kaijutsu Papercraft. He employs several paper makers in his paper mill, as well as artists and other artisans to make paper goods. His mill contains a magical garden in the center for meditation, and often takes long journeys into the Allerian wilds to study the wild and sketch new ideas for his company and artists. He and his family are very private, and rarely engage in the political quarrels within the city itself. Many citizens question the nature of his relationship with the elves far outside the city limits.

Contention with Locals

The surrounding area boasts druidic sects, goblin lairs, tribal and nomadic orcs and elves. In fact, a neighboring tribe of orcs once used the city as hunting grounds while another tribe of goblins inhabited the city when the settlers arrived. An ancient Jiani mercenary company called the Black Company cleared them at the expense of house Allesino due to the important logging interests in the area, and further monstrous races interaction with Starbreach have been tempered only by constant vigilance from the Knights of the Silver Star.


List of Starbreach points of interest.


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