Colloseus is the capital city of Alleria. For hundreds of years, Alleria was functionally a nation state which operated within the borders of its ever expanding city as builders expanded the walls that surround it. It is sprawling in size and depth, containing tens of thousands of people in a massive complex of towns and districts. Each of the sections of the city have massive monuments to the Old Gods and heroes of ancient wars, some of which have their own shrines and temples built into the base. Some people dedicate their lives to preserve these statues, a very highly respected job. For this reason, the city is called the city of monuments.


The city is also the seat of the Allerian Republic Senate, a democratically elected representative republic consisting of 100 senators with a hereditary head of state monarch. Currently, this is Queen Relena Alleria, the child queen of Colloseus. She was crowned queen after her mother and father died while traveling, leaving her as sole heir. Although she has little power, many people attempt to gain influence over her, including the Stalwart League.


Colloseus is the high seat of Allerian culture and patriotism. They have flight races, hawk messengers, theatres, fine architecture, fine dining, universities, museums, monasteries and ports. If something can be found in Alleria, it is here. It is the hub of exploration and plans both militarily and politically, seething political intrigue and entrepreneurship for capitalist ventures


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