Allerian Republic



Newly formed democratic council of Alleria created in exodus of martial rule from Jiang empire. They are light skinned and fair haired, still using a nobility social system. The governors and leaders of the major towns are elected councilmen called lords, the council size based on population. It is currently a collection of city states somewhat headed by the largest metropolis, Colloseus.

New Alleria Vs. Old Alleria

Alleria is a land populated by humans, dwarves, and elves for thousands of years. 1000 years ago, the ancient people had the largest empire known to the races of the world. They slowly died off, entire cities going extinct and slowly overtaking by monstrous races in the Giant wars and pushed west to the coast. Those cities to the east are now lost or populated by a fraction of their people, dotting the land known as the Allerian coast.


Jian Empire Influence

The Jian Empire sailed across the ocean from their continent over the sea and didn’t so much invade but took over as a central government for the fractured people of Alleria. They saw how much lore, treasure, and beauty had been lost in the hundreds of years all across. Their own records tell tales of the great Alleria that was, and campaigned throughout the land to help them recover the cities and land that was lost. Several wars and decades later, the coast lands were repopulated to the north and south, and regained contact with the elves of the forests and the dwarves of the great mountains to the west and south of the city states.

Just as this new strength in the Allerian Republic was returning, however, the Jiang mysteriously pulled its army and navy from Alleria to return on the long journey home. Several of the soldiers stayed behind to be with their families, and now make up much of the current martial power of Alleria.



40 years ago, three powerful trade families petitioned the council of Colloseus to charter a new town on the ruins of an old city on the south coast. The three families are Tellann family, famous for their ship building, the Kaijutsu family famous for their paper making and their Jian imperial lineage, and the Allesino family, an ancient family of Allerian nobility that famously lived in the south coast of Old Alleria. With the combined resources of these three chartered Starbreach.

Allerian Republic

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